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Tin/Lead Alloy plating is primarily used as a coating for corrosion protection, and as a base for soldering. Color is gray-white, matte to bright in appearance depending on the process used.

•Specification: MIL-P-81728 Plating, Tin-Lead (Electrodeposited) (This spec has been cancelled, but is still in wide use.)

•Specification: ASTM B 579 Electrodeposited Coatings of Tin-Lead Alloy (Solder Plate)

  Service Conditions (thicknesses): On Steel:
    SC-1 0.0002"
    SC-2 0.0004"
    SC-3 0.0005"
    SC-4 0.0012"
    On Copper:
    SC-1 0.0002"
    SC-2 0.0003"
    SC-3 0.0006"
    SC-4 0.0012"

•About Composition: Tin should be 50 to 70 percent by weight, other metals and non-metallics 1 percent maximum, with the remainder being lead. Other compositions may be specified with the percentage of tin no more than 10 percent from the specified nominal value.


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